Always Going the Extra Mile

I own multiple rental properties in Florida, Colorado, and Nevada. As a full-time Florida resident, it is extremely important for me to work with a local company I can trust to handle all aspects of managing my Nevada property.

Tahoe Property Managers has proven to be the kind of company that is always willing to go the extra mile for clients. Charles was instrumental in helping me navigate the complex process of acquiring the necessary VHR permits. My only wish is that they operated in Florida and Colorado as none of the other management companies I work with come close to matching their willingness to go above and beyond for homeowners and guests alike.

Darren S.

The Most Professional and Upfront Company I Have Ever Worked With

My husband and I live in San Diego and bought a vacation home in South Lake Tahoe. Unfortunately, our careers have kept us so busy that we decided to put our investment to work as a vacation rental. We met with multiple companies in order to find that one management company that we felt could handle all aspects of managing our property. We met with Charles and instantly connected with him and his staff. Tahoe property managers are by far the most professional and upfront company I have ever worked with. They do what they say and say what they do. They prepare you for real-life scenarios and get your house up to speed in anticipation of any issues. As a homeowner, I truly appreciate the extensive vetting process utilized to ensure the proper guests are placed in my home. The main difference that sets them apart from others in the marketplace is dedicating staff members to meet the guests at my property for a walk-through at time of arrival and come back again for a thorough inspection at time of departure.

They have great experience in the market and are always available for anything big or small. I am extremely impressed by Charles and his team and highly recommended Tahoe Property Managers.

Judy E.

Professional, Accommodating, and Caring

We have been traveling our whole lives and have stayed in dozens of homes over the years. When we decided to vacation rent our property, Tahoe Property Managers was the best of all the experiences. They are by far the most professional, accommodating, caring management company I have dealt with in all these years. The way they handle my house and treat it like it is their own, without leaving any detail unturned.

They are extremely helpful with all that goes into maintaining a home and quick to respond to any situation that arises. I am so pleased with the decision I made to use them for my property management company.

Karen W.

Well-Oiled Machine and They Never Skip a Beat

Working with the right rental management company is extremely important. My decision to work along with Tahoe Property managers is one I will never regret. The company works diligently to maintain a well-oiled machine. They keep us in the loop every step of the way from maintaining our home, to having creative marketing ideas which fill our home with respectful rule-abiding guests.

Sometimes having a second home 8 hours away can be overwhelming. Amy and her team have taken all the stress out of this situation. The company is very hands-on and I appreciate that. Especially, when our roof sprung a leak in January. Their team secured a contractor in winter to repair the issue before the next guests were due to arrive. We didn’t skip a beat. They take on all matters concerning the home with their can-do attitude and get things done effectively and efficiently. I am extremely grateful to the team at Tahoe Property Managers.

Robert B.

Thank You for Everything

Thank you for understanding the unique situation my house presented in relation to my neighbors.

Your local hands-on approach has given you in-depth knowledge of my property needs. I am grateful for the proactive measures you implemented to avoid any future issues. Your property management style eliminated all noise related issues and gave me peace of mind knowing my investment is in good hands.

Keep up the great work and thanks again for all your help.

Hayden S.