Frequently Asked Questions

What do you charge for your property management services?

We take a unique approach to managing your home. As partners in the same venture, we share the same goal of maximizing the rental income of your home while minimizing any potential damages caused by unruly guests. Therefore, we don’t use the typical management model of minimal guest oversight while charging excessive fees. Instead, we earn our share by maximizing the occupancy of your property with qualified guests that are willing and able to pay more for higher-end services and amenities. Here are just a few examples of why our clients are so satisfied with Tahoe Property Managers. We offer an all-inclusive 25% flat rate commission. There are no additional costs for credit card charges or any other hidden management fees. Each property is assigned a liaison to interact with each reservation to assure guest satisfaction while also assuring guest compliance with all rules and guidelines. We handle all aspects of the permit acquisition process as well as the collection and distribution of Transient Occupancy Taxes for our homeowners. If you are interested in having a local single point of contact to handle all aspects of managing your Tahoe property please call us to discuss how we can help at 888-736-8180.

What types of amenities increase my guest bookings?

Our shared goal is to increase your occupancy levels while charging the maximum daily rate. To do so, please keep in mind amenities such as hot tubs, pool tables, ping pong, football, and air hockey will go far in attracting more guests.

Also, Smart tv devices with surround sound and options for listening to music via wireless speakers like Sonos are greatly appreciated by the discerning guests willing to pay a premium for such modern amenities offered.

What makes your company different from all the others?

Any company you select in the Tahoe area will typically include the standard set of services like listing your home on the major rental sites of Airbnb, HomeAway, Google, VRBO, etc. They will handle all guest inquiries and the processing of the reservation with the collection of payment and distribution of taxes to the appropriate local authorities. The marketing services also include photography and description of amenities offered with your property to entice maximum occupancy.

There are numerous advantages of selecting a full-service property management company which typically provides a local team of professionals to handle any issues that may come up while the guests are staying at the property. Local 24/7 service is available to not only handle calls if something breaks, but also to contact the appropriate vendor to fix the issue ASAP. This can make a huge difference in saving homeowners the hassle of handling calls in the middle of the night and having to secure labor to repair any and all issues.

However, Tahoe-Vacation Rentals is unique in being the only management company to appoint a Host Liaison to each property. The liaison will meet with guests upon arrival to your property for a complete walk-through and explanation of all amenities and house rules.

The guests appreciate the VIP service while the owner enjoys the peace of mind in knowing the liaison is also there to assure guest compliance with all occupancy, parking, and other permit guidelines. The liaison is also present at the time of departure to perform a walk-through inspection for any damages. This approach has been proven to improve guest satisfaction while simultaneously diminishing any issues with neighbors and code compliance.

Who pays for the cleaning of my property?

We collect a separate fee from the guest to cover the cleaning of your property upon departure. We utilize multiple independent contractors that are local to the Tahoe area. Each team is assigned specific homes so they become very familiar with the unique requirements of each home.

Do I have to allow dogs in my home?

Please note you are not required to allow dogs unless it is a certified service animal under the Americans with Disabilities Act. However, allowing small dogs (25lb max) will significantly increase the marketability of your property. We have a separate pet deposit and very strict guidelines in place to make sure guests are aware they are responsible for any and all damages.

Still Have Questions?

Our dedicated team works around the clock to make sure you can confidently trust us with your home.